Tuesday , January 26 2021

The Olympiacos for 4 reasons did not win "Tom and Jerry No 2" in Karaiskaki | Superliga

Second derby from Olympiakos in Karaiskaki, according to "Tom and Jerry"! As with PAOK! The cat with the mouse!

A group attack, sometimes orthodox and sometimes unorthodox, from the first to the last minute and a defensive group, sometimes orthodox and sometimes unorthodox, from the first to the last minute. With PAOK doing four finals and Panathinaikos, the three Levadiakos in Karaiskaki did more in the Championship and in the Cup (losing so much 0-1).

The essence, of course is that Olympiacos got the minimum that he could from these two derbys, that is, only one point at 95 ', while his opponents did their work with the double and the tie, with a goal goal and an unlikely shot "Fromhere "(its second goal for four years)! So, if we do not count with the deduction of points, now Olympiacos should have eight points behind the PAOK and one behind Panathinaikos. At the moment I would win them, they would be +2 and +5 respectively, always without the deduction of points …

It was Olympiacos yesterday very good No Was it, however, better than Panathinaikos (really lucky)? Yes Is it worth winning? Yes Why did not he win? I think for four reasons.

Let's see in the order of time.

One. Pedro Martins made an error while choosing "Guilherme + Buchalakis". Charilaos also showed that they did not fit in the same line. Somehow Buchalakis was away for 60 minutes. Why did Lazarus not start? I made your change of Hand, totally infinite of these games. Kamaras had to enter (sooner than he entered) to give energy to the squad. And when Natho left, the solution was as follows: Torosidis, the only "red-white" who has a long duration in the field and is experienced, could help ten times more in a game that went to study and set phases.

Two. The weakness of the goal. In general, the team (see also the hard finishes of Hassan and Fortune) and above all of Podehenes, who when he was in the 38th front with Djudi, did … everything! The worst thing is that he did not do the other option he had, to give Hassan's side, enter the ball in the networks, as with Mars. And Portuguese has done several times when it can not dial anything. Just like the other Olympiakos hunter, who can not score anything, Fatzatzidis, 0-0 with Betis, did the same. Go to the doorman and place in it, instead of going to Hassan next to him. Phases-soccer crimes.

Three. The mistake of the Swiss referee (who did soaked him in disciplinary control, in letters and lack) did not indicate a turn of penalties in the hand of Makeda at 84 ". If Olympiakos did it, it would take 15 minutes to turn the game. And we saw that he tied until the 94th and with only five minutes he made two phases to reach 2-1. How much time has passed 15 minutes, the stadium ignited and the psychology to be in favor of the Olympic Games.

Four. The rum In the good part of Katshas, ​​the ball passed from Sha's hand and inside. In the shooting of Omar the ball passed from the intersection of Cesare to "stay and leave" at 86 ". In fact, he went ahead of Kamaras, but had better reflexes and Mooney was defeated by him, if not, he would suffer a 1-1-86 draw and Olympiacos took 13 minutes before he returned.

Something like that I think we have come to the draw, which eliminates Olympiacos again (six points) from the top, after a single week in which he reached a shot distance, in four points. PAOK-Xanthi and Atromitos-Olympiacos play the next game. With Olympiacos the risk of tying, Peristeri's defeat is eight, nine points behind PAOK and four, seven points behind Atromitos …

While you can not put the ball on the net (and since you can not go back to zero in a derby even when the opponent is virtually harmless) …

You remember yesterday: Yes, once the tradition has come true and Panathinaikos after a positive result in Karaiskaki, last year 1-1, he took the second consecutive positive result of Olympiakos in Piraeus. And if the story goes back to the end, you will have a third …

At the tragic incident yesterday in Karaiskakis, I can not write anything other than being good and live for many years so that his own people remember, the mayor of John, the friend of Olympiacos who lost his life. The courage

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