Thursday , July 29 2021

The reaction of Maria Ioannidou when she mentioned to Natasha Kalogridis! (video)

Maria Korinthiou threw blond hair and the showbiz is divided and … is being stifled. When journalists moved George Ioannidou's disagreement with George Koraris's blonde to Giorgos Vallaris, he replied: "Mrs. Ioannidou should know why she was stirred by Dalianidis, who had a weakness in the blond and kept her blond. It means something. I will not let her Maria Corinthio while in my hands to become a brunette. "

Anna Fonsou also wondered about the problem and said: "I think it's stupid to make Aliki Vougiouklaki and change her hair. Maria Korinthiou is a pretty brunette woman to play the role the writer wrote. Error to Mr. Vilaris".

However, the statements by Maria Ioannidou made their reaction more interesting when journalists ask if Natasha Kalogridis could be impressed with her. «Now … we went down. Why do you want to break my mood? Let's go to children, be a bit serious".

In Blonde of Korinthos the guys are sacrificed! "Kokkalos" Ioannidou when asked about Kalogridis!

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