Thursday , October 28 2021

Tomorrow the tradition of the body of Constantina Katsifa


The Serious Criminal Officer of Albania received the formal request from the members of the family of Constantino Katsifas for the delivery of the corpse that remains in the morgue for day 9.

As reported by the Albanian media, along with the 35-year-old body, lawyer Efthimios Navridis will receive a copy of the Albanian Forensic Institute to hand over the relatives of the victim.

Constantino's father asked to receive his body three days after his death after resigning from the parallel knowledge of a Greek officer.

The request of Yanni Katsifa was delivered to the Serious Criminal Fiscal Ministry and, after long days of delay, issued a positive response today.

Family lawyer testimonials

However, Family lawyer, Efthimis Navridis said today that the investigation of the Albanian police is not related to the non-delivery of the body of Constantina Katsifa.

According to him, after the refusal of the ex-husband of the 35-year-old to declare, as he said he did not know anything about the case, the investigation of the authorities of the neighboring country was completed, as there is no other testimony.

As a result, the lawyer also estimated that until tomorrow the corpse will be given to the Constantine family.

Climate of terrorism

About her terrorism of the Northern Epirus The Albanian police authorities have repeatedly tried police stations for the last 24 hours and 9 days after the assassination of Constantine Katsifa in Vouliarates.

According to complaints from recent days, there have been many adulteries in the Northern Epirus with Greek citizenship, on the pretext of identifying data without any significant reason.

The Albanian authorities are alarmed by the anger of the Hellenic National Minority and are trying hard to intimidate those who react or visit the Vouliarates to support the family of the unfortunate Constantine Katsifa, who remains dissatisfied by day 9.

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