Sunday , February 28 2021

Video-documentary of the murder of Makris

The shock is causing a new one video-document who saw the light of advertising by murder or entrepreneur, Yannis Makris, in Voula

The interpreter, as shown in the new video, projected by SKAI, did not leave businessman There is no room to escape.

Everything was done inside five seconds. O actor It begins to fire on the part of the co-driver, afterwards Yannis Makris He still manages to get out of the car injured

At that moment, the offender makes the round of the car and continues shooting it until the employer left his last sigh. Yannis Makris, as seen in the video, sees his assassin's face and tries to escape without success.

Bust your father Yannis Makris

The 46-year-old father collapsed Yannis Makris, in the burial of his son, which took place in Sydney, in Australia.

After the funeral ceremony that took place in Voula, the body of Yannis Makris was taken to Australia to be buried next to her sister, Vicky. Vicky Macri had died of leukemia at an early age in the late eighties. After the murder of Yannis Makris, only one of the three children of the 82-year-old family, nowadays, Stelios Makris.

Stelios Makris spoke to the Australian newspaper Dailytelegraph describing him as bent for his pain when he buried his son next to his daughter. "I saw my two children die in front of my eyes", it was his dramatic statement.

The Macri family traveled to Australia for the burial of 46 years of age. Next to her widow, Victoria Caryda was at the ceremony and the memorial prayer that stumbled across the temple of Saint Nektarios in Sydney, the teenage son of the murderer since his first marriage.

In fact, the boy was among those who had been wearing the coffin for 46 years on their shoulders. In Australia, the two smaller children of Makri, who obtained from their marriage to the model, Victoria Caryd, did not travel.

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