Tuesday , March 9 2021

New preview of the Xbox1X version of "Battlefield V" The realistic battle scene is amazing: the Hong Kong game of mobile games GameApps.hk

In the trailer, we can see demo images of the actual game. These images are awesome. It is possible to be said that like the most powerful server, Xbox One X really exerts the total force of Battlefield V.

Battlefield V is a first-person shooter produced and distributed by EA, a sequel to BF. "Battlefield V" has a huge battlefield. In a model called "Grand Action", players will fight against enemies in a variety of battlefields. New battles, first line missions and rewards will dynamically appear on the battlefield. At the same time, this system introduces the company's system, players can customize the genre, the race, the face, the hairstyle and a large number of accessories to form a brother to fight together.

"Battlefield V" will be available around the world on November 20 and will be available on the PS4 / Xbox One / PC platform.

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