Tuesday , July 27 2021

Steam "Ren Wang Complete Edition" opens a special offer of limited time: the Hong Kong game of mobile games GameApps.hk

In addition to the historical events at the end of the period of the enemy states, this work has many military leaders from the real warring States and the original story is deep and profound. It will also provide enough tension and a high sense of accomplishment, which is enough to call it "Combat States." The work of the "Game of Death".

■ Include content

The full version of the game "Kyushu" – "Omi" and three large-scale updates "Northeast Dragon", "Successor" and "Yuanhe" are included.

◆ "Northeast Dragon" (Northeast)

Describes the story of the protagonist if Yi Dazheng's sect with the nickname of loose-eyed dragon is rebel in the northeast.

◆ "The successor of justice"

(Osaka Winter Festival) The history scene is in the winter of Osaka.

It describes the story of the soldier who is known as the first soldier in Japan and the Shipyard of the Warring States Period.

◆ "Yuanhe Yuwu"

(Osaka Summer Array) The story takes place in the summer of Osaka.

Describes the final battle between Tokugawa and Toyotomi that ended the warring era and the end of William's journey.

■ Steam limited edition special code

You can get the Steam version of the special code "front hull of the regular key".

You can choose the option "Gifts" in the game "Sanctuary" to collect special codes.

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