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Car: Presidential case: the Macron car, or the extravagant DS 7 Crossback

In the sales of this test car only two letters of the "coach" column appear: "DS". At the moment, many people do not know exactly what the manufacturer is, what type of car can the DS offer, but we are already helping!

The first DS was launched in 1955 as the futuristic car of Citroën. The Citroën DS took place until 1975, and after a few decades of silence, the first Citroën DS, the first DS modern model, emerged in 2010. In 2015, the DS became a premium brand, separate from Citroën. Lexus or Nissan-Infiniti.

The DS is currently available in two models, the DS 3 Crossback is a compact crossover and the other is the DS 7 Crossback, a medium-range SUV. The latter is the main character of this article the French president obtained a special armored piece.

What do you call me?

From DS 7, he immediately discovers that he was not born in the production lines of the German Trindade nor in the country of the rising sun. We will not say that this is the most characteristic French car that has already been made;

Here is the emblem of DS that is bonded to mercury, the lighthouse with malignant looking light, the unique vertical light, or the rear light, for example, that the designers worked for the appearance of other cars.

The DS 7 is not an easy and aerated phenomenon, but a massive monster rounded up with elegance. However, our eyes are short, since the total length of this time is only 4.57 meters, which is not really the Audi Q7 or the BMW X5. Let's just say that in the DS 7, even the Audi Q5 is longer than 9 inches, and the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, Volvo XC60 and Lexus NX occupy more space in the parking lot. However, the Volkswagen Tiguan is shorter than 9 centimeters.

The height of 19 centimeters is average. We are not fortunate enough to have a hard drive SUV, not just because the type can only be ordered with a front wheel drive. This will arrive at the arrival of the hybrid DS 7, where the total traction works with an electric motor.

Very different

As for the extravagance nowadays is the Peugeot 508 between the sedan, the DS 7 is at least so much in the front of the fashion vans. And it is much more relevant to the interior than to the outside. The cabin is designed in the shape of a rhombus as a geometric ornamental motif, and this special rectangle can be seen everywhere from the seams seam, through the surface of the buttons to the virtual elements of digital instrumentation.

In this way, you can not get bored for a minute, and maybe this is what most people think of the boring perfection of German cars. In addition, our eyes not only live with extravagant solutions, but also pamper your fingers with high quality materials, especially Alcántara, which covers almost everything.

In the front seats, the comfort of the seat is high, the seat position is very high, that is, it is much more off the track than athletic. In the back row, there is a lot of space, the DS 7 also has a larger category in the space of the feet and space. Seats divided in three senses.

The 555 liter of the boot behind the fifth door, which can be opened by the support of the foot, is respectable, but in practice it does not feel too great. If we bend the seats, there are 1750 liters of luggage in the trunk.

What is life with her?

When we leave the manufacturer's site, we start looking for the window button on the barrier desperately. What we did not find at the door, but in the central console, it was a French surprise. Individuals are unique, but it is not practical to call this solution.

To start the engine, the DS button pressed in the top center of the board must be pressed firmly. As a result, the resource not only comes alive, but two 12-inch screens turn on and an analog clock comes out of the control panel plane. The latter is done in B.R.M. and amounts to 180,000 forints in the extristan.

The digital board behind the wheel has a great resolution, good graphics and customizable looks, but it can be a bit more contrasting. The similar size of the central screen is touch sensitive, which also gives a good sense of quality. However, it's a pity that even the touch screen is pressed to control the weather and that the touch buttons under the touch panel do not vibrate when you push them. This distracts us while driving, and we are awkward when we move, because we do not understand how the French have managed to get quality cameras.

The shape, the heating and the customization of the front seats of memory are excellent, but the quality of the controls on your part is below our expectations. The central elements of three to three of the LED headlights begin to show a spectacular dance while pushing the remote control button. On the one hand, it is also useful for the peasant insurance, on the one hand, and for the curvature function, on the other. Lights with a high brightness and a HUF 530,000 recharge know a lot, for example, automatically illuminate differently in case of rain than in dry conditions, but they can not cover other road users with a fixed light.

The night vision of 620,000 forints, which, for example, draws attention to the pedestrians who approach the road in the dark and whose image can even dominate the complete digital instrumentation, is good at night. The auto-guide function from 0-140 km / h with 750 thousand additional forints and, according to our experience, even in the dense capital, it manages gases, brakes and directions. For a short period of time, we can let go to the government, but of course the technique warns that we turn our hands.

It is necessary to emphasize the lighting of eight colors but moderate (90 thousand forints), the highest average quality, high fidelity of 14 speakers (410 thousand forints), start without keys (310 thousand forints) and the electric seat (430 thousand forints).

And what to drive?

It seems strange that in a car so small, the basic engine is only 1.2 liters. In addition, the strongest resource does not exceed 1.6 liters. This last unit of turbo was also added to the test car in the higher version of 225 hp. It is not a matter that this maximum torque of 300 Nm is enough for the traction speed, with the change quickly and finely changing the eight-speed automatic transmission is a great companion.

The sound of the engine is essentially subjected to a mode of sport, but not the escape, but the speakers in a highly artificial way. The suspension feels softer than the average and, if you order someone by an active running team for $ 360,000, will soften or harden the suspension quickly, based on the image of the scanning camera in the front of 5 meters of the car. It has to be said about the hydropneumatic suspension and the magic carpet effect on the good old DS, but we can not have a single bad word for the DS 7, which is well placed on the pivot curves.

The acceleration time of 0-100 is 8.2 seconds and the final speed is 234 km / h. The combination of relatively large engines and the small, but powerful combination, expected a consumption of more than 10 liters, but the practice showed that even with a more sporty style of driving, a value of about 9 liters can be achieved. Among other things, the small weight of 1425 kilograms has an important role. The fuel tank needs to be refueled to 62 liters or about 700 kilometers.

The 1.6-liter petrol engine is also available at 180 hp, and the 1.2-liter engine is 130 hp. We have two options on diesel fronts: the 130 liter version of 1.5 liters, the 2-liter unit of 180 hp. Soon the hybrid version of the 1.6-liter petrol engine will be available, with a power of 300 horsepower and a 50 km range.

Conclusion, prices

+ : unique exterior, extravagant interior, correct location, adjustable rear seat, adaptive chassis.

: ergonomic monsters, are of artificial exhaust, rear vision camera of low quality.

Citroën started with DS with a very long and robust trip to become a premium brand. For now, we do not know when and how it will take, but in any case, the first steps and kilometers are in the right direction. The DS 7 Crossback is an excellent option for those who do not want to glue and do not want to buy the same fashion cars as their neighbors and neighbors. It is true, therefore, we must devour some peace in everyday life.

The domestic base of this type is 8.99 million HUF, which is the price of a DS 7 Crossback of a low cost of 1.2 liters, the cheapest diesel list of 9.69 million HUF. The DS best equipped with 225 hp peak engine will start at 12.06 million dollars, and the price of the almost complete test car will be 16.58 million dollars. The warranty is 5 years / 100 thousand kilometers.

For those who are less important than luxury, they can make a good purchase with the "non premium" model of Citroën, the Citroen C5 Aircross, which is around $ 6.79 million, and will soon be covered by a detailed test.

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