Sunday , July 25 2021

I am reluctant to leave the posts

The Sport Plusz card was given by freelance Freiburg, Sallai Roland, who, for not being present at the Hungarian football lab of the National Champions League and the Finns. The referee repeatedly rejected the announcement that he would have fallen into the NL-match against 3-3.

Sallai acknowledged, however, that he was not in the mood.

This team takes the lead in the games, everyone is kidding, it's not like we play or flvllrl a game. Akr history, acr. This is what I mean "Sallai Roland said.

Freiburger also said he had his relationship with Dzsudzsk Balzsi, with whom he was in the same position and that Marco Rossi, a world captain, shot in the Hungarian debut. "We are a jar, we do not have rivalries for us because we are in the same position," added the Hungarian player.

Marco Rossi Svetlana Kapitány and Sallai Roland in the laboratories of the National Legislation of Hungary – Grgorszg mrkzs vgn in Groupama ArnForrs: MTI / Illys Tibor

During the interviews he had worked with the captain of Slavi during the Plyafutsa de Sallai. (Bernd Storck, Zoltan Szlesi, Georges Leekens and Marco Rossi).

Nehz is this, because all the practitioners have a head in the head, the boys begin to enter a system, they can start doing everything because they are replacing the training. "

Sallai also said that plyafutsa sorn never says where to pay the maximum, but the professional who can do better. Now it's in Freiburg.

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