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If we had to play in BL, there would be no problem with two games per week – Rebr

The Serbian Rebrov after the Hungarian Cup, which was defeated successfully against Kisvárda, regretted that Tuesday's meeting was too close to Saturday's game, so players did not have time to rest. With the coach of Ferencváros, the NSO TV said that if the Champions League were now their team, it would be a problem for two games per week. In addition, it was also mentioned that they had to deal with Mol Vidi for the semifinals in MK.


"If we were in the Champions League now, it would not be a problemto play two games per week – he replied Rebrov to the question of Ferencváros could currently support the double international copper purchase charge. – I just talked about the Hungarian Cup, so if there is a chance, why not give more rest in front of the day? The problem is that if we have three consecutive games, it takes two or three days to complete. And this is mainly a problem for the health of soccer players. Our soccer players are ready for two meetings per week, and I always have the best. It is not possible to distribute the framework for these players to play in this tournament, they are in it. "

Fradi's coach also responded they got Mol Vid in the final quarter of the Hungarian Cup.

"Of course, it would be better to find them later but we must play with them. I'm looking for an interesting fight and we prepare when it's due. "

In our video we will also talk Saturday against DVTK.

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