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The Throne of Thrones was not one of the most significant of the television series in the world, but a fantastic novel of a fourth unfinished edition of the first television season. In particular, its first volume is because of the whole series The song of fire and ice take the title

They were not books without success, and even the novels were finding their audience more and more. The fourth volume published in 2005, a Feast of the crows First released on the best-sellers list The New York Times, and according to the report, George R. Martin was already a fanatic without which neither the novel nor the television series could become a cult:

"Mr. Martin examines his hooks from the top of the mountain on online platforms, such as comments from or fantasy forums. When Martin continues to read, people are queuing for hours to enter." "-" Caroline T. Hughes, coordinator of Barnes & Noble events at Astor Place, Manhattan, where Martin was reading in November. "

The crowd never seen 500 people, today it does not look great, but we were still on the throne of the Throne War, after which the producer of the series, David Benioff, did not launch the first call to Martin.

His commitment was more than the number of fans and Martin was aware of its importance.

When in 2001, J.K. Rowling one of the Harry Potter novels took the third volume, a Storm of swords Hugo Award, Martin supposedly like that: "Closing, Rowling! Maybe you have billions of dollars, and you've taken your Hugo, but this is If this was never said in this way, two essential elements based on Martin's documented statement are certainly correct: resentment by Rowling for being distanced from fantasy and highly appreciated by his fans because he knew that in this genre of literary aspect they are more important than critics .

That's not it A song of fire and icehis novels would not receive admirable critics. Lev Grossman named him in 2005 a time In his article published in the magazine, the writer was "American Tolkien" and the marker stuck from there. Grossmann wrote six years later:

Martin created it: it is made up of constantly appearing novels: a great fantasy epic of our time. This is an epic of a more profane, disquieting and ambivalent era that Tolkien lived. […] The song of fire and ice is our epic, since human beings today live and dream.

The constant comparison with Tolkien found Martin as flattering, not only because Tolkien was one of the main sources of inspiration for him, but also because he hoped that his destiny was developed in the same way as his: the subject of criticisms snob ignored initially. But thanks to the persistent love of the fans, the world finally recognizes its greatness.

The song of fire and law is a literary book, not a screenplay of television series.

When Martin began writing the first volume in 1991, he was a routine scriptwriter in Hollywood. The Thrones, however, was a hobby project, which dealt with his own liking and considered it feasible only as a novel. Seeing the success of the series, it is rather strange to read Martin as originally unknown to the novel, although he wrote it without compromise: he did not take into account the restrictions of television and the cinematographic genre, he conformed the story as he liked.

"I always hated myself when I had to cut my scripts. I said, this is enough. I will write something that I want as many as I want, players have thousands, there will be huge castles, battles and dragons," he said. Martin thought he could not make a movie about his novels due to his size, since even Tolkien had three long films, although the trilogy of the British writer reunited a single volume of Martin, and television series would not be out of them because

too adult It would never happen through the extension of sex and violence.

The song of fire and ice The story of its origins is similar to that of Tolkien's novel: a book for him. Tolkien did not think about healing (he did not even want it), but it was not likely that any publisher would publish his classic teaspoon. He wrote to his liking, an entertaining Oxford scientist to his friends with readings.

And, finally, both creations were bold, original and formative because their authors did not want to meet the expectations of readers or viewers, only after the instincts of their own writer.

Both Tolkien's novel and Martin's novel were copyrighted unrestrictedly.

Both were tense for a story they wanted to tell, and that they only had their heads in their heads and not the end. Martin told me what happened to him in the summer of 1991: "This scene, which finally became the first chapter of the Thrones of the Throne, appeared before my eyes. I had to write, and so three days later I came out of this text, almost in the way I read ", said.

It is clear that Martin did not have a definitive idea at this time or much later, where he would start, he did not think that now Daenerys Targaryen was the legitimate heir of the cross, Jon Snow, and how to convert the story at that time. to give meaning to the crow of three eyes.

This process is very similar to the story of the Lord Lord of the Rings Lord Tolkien's birth: "This fairy tale grew throughout history and eventually became the story of the Great War of the Rings, with many references to earlier history of earlier times. […] History has returned from its own will to the oldest world, covering the end and passing it before it could say the beginning and the medium. "

And at this point we get to where the roads are branched, because Tolkien could finish his story, but Martin did not.

A song of fire and iceUnfinished for many years has been one of the biggest irritants of the fans and, thanks to the success of the series, the number of readers of the novels can be measured in millions.

The books appeared on the following date:

Battle of Thrones – 1996

Battle of the Kings – 1998

Sword of Sword – 2000

Celebration of the crows – 2005

Dance of the Dragons – 2011

The winds of winter -?

The dream of spring -?

Martin wrote the first three volumes in nine years, with a total of 2428 pages. (Tolkien wrote his trilogy of 1191 pages in 12 years, then Martin was working much faster at that time.) However, the pace of publication of books began to decline: the fourth volume was completed in five years, the fifth in six years and now is the eighth year. For fans a The winds of winter The duration of its appearance made it clear that something was wrong: Martin had originally promised the volume until 2014, and then the editor hit it in 2015 – but it could not be done. In February 2016, Martin announced that he would postpone all the activities of his writers:

"I do not write anything until it leaves the winds of winter. Television games, scripts, short stories, presentations, prefixes, nothing."

When we heard the bet, we thought the novel was about to end. After all, you know that everything is ready: Martin has published full episodes, he says, there are hundreds of years ago that he has. o The winds of winter It has not been done in the last three years. In 2017, Martin said he had been out some months, but in 2018 he admitted that the novel would not appear in that year.

Instead of that, a book was published that Martin did not promise: Fire and blood, History of the Targaryen dynasty.

There is nothing to embellish it, this process is called a creative crisis.

o Fire and blood It's the same work by Martin Silmaril In Tolkien – a piece of mythology that serves the needs of the hardest fans but that literally makes no sense. After the appearance of Lord of the Rings, he never wrote anything that was a full-fledged fiction (this assertion, of course, every Tolkien fan wonders and is not true in mythological books, but they are no longer literary crumbs – a great job). In Tolkien, it was a great job, he wrote, spent the rest of his life perfecting his world. There was a great opus on Martin, but he did not finish it, and now he wants to spend his time perfecting his world; He is under enormous pressure to do what he has promised.

And if this pressure is born in the foreseeable future The winds of winter, that there is certainly a lot of writing, it is hard to believe that there will be a final volume of it (A spring dream), which probably only have sketches. Martin is 70 years old and is no longer the most prolific creative era of a writer's life.

"I've been fighting with him for years," he admitted last year in an interview with The Guardian The winds of winter It has become an overwhelming burden and writes mythology much more easily. The tremendous success of the series, the exterior and the internal expectations, do not make it easier.

Every time I feel, I am well aware of the need to create something significant and the awareness of the need to create a significant burden is a serious burden for the man.

Unfortunately, great works are rarely born in such a creative state. The great works are born when the writer is willing to tell a story, wherever he goes and it does not matter if no one is interested in it. When you first see a vision of a hobby that begins a long journey or wolves in the snow.

It is not clear that the last two volumes of the novel are probably a bad literature. If they are finally born, we hope they end and finish the epic at a fair and acceptable level. And we can be sure that Martin will finish / end his own story in a more tasty way than the filmmakers – no matter what the series.

To make Martin the sixth volume a burden and be tormented by him, it is a good sign that he will not collide because of revenue and will get rid of Wester. Most fans would probably do everything in which there are a lot of unexpected turns and a style of fight on the throne, but Martin does not play more for them, but for posterity. However, this game can only be won at best.

The song of fire and ice For two reasons, he is in a less favorable position as a literary work than the Lord of the Rings, of which Martin himself can do it because he understands too much and measured the length of his work with sufficient creative power. The dates of appearance and the quality of the text, the history of history show that the initial creative moment lasted until the end of the third volume. It is not that the fourth or fifth volume is bad, but the plot fell sharply. While the world of Martin expanded and enriched, he began to leak out of the elementary power that lived in the first three books. All this would not be a big problem if Martin directed the story to some sort of conclusion in time if the end of the eye was already visible – but this is not the case that the last two volumes narrated the narration before. This crisis culminated in the writing of the sixth volume.

The other problem is paradoxically the unprecedented success of the series. The Lord of the Rings, as a literary work, can not be strangled by the film lyricism of Peter Jackson, because the novel has become a cult regardless of movies, and movies represent only one episode of its reception history. The song of fire and ice However, there was a lot of symbiosis with the television series. Martin is now in a nasty position that everyone in his novel imagines the characters and locations of his novel on a television series, and must end his own story, while another final is over.

Obviously, I would like you to finish the books sooner and the television series will not cut me off. I expected nothing

of March this year.

In 2015, novels and series can be stored in a common pool. When it became clear that Martin would not be able to keep pace with writing at the pace of television – this was in 2016 – the producers decided that the Thrones' fight was an independent television product, which was his way. Many questions gave Martin the opinion, they were informed about their plans, but now the issues are very loose. The producers are tired of the negotiations and the constant change of Martin. ("George is discovering much at the time of writing," said David Benioff.) Martin has always generously praised the work of television, but in his speeches from the seventh year onwards, he increasingly emphasized that his intellectual products were novels and that the series It was an independent work. Now it has become a clear boundary:

I did not read the script last season and could not visit the shoot because I was working on the Winds of Winter. […] Of course, they disappeared. Surely there will be significant differences.

Whatever the end of the series, Martin assumes no responsibility in this regard, but even the books have no chance to leave their shadow.

But is it a disaster? Fire and ice Does Martin's song remain unfinished in spite of all his efforts? For those who are fanatics of Martin's world, every little crumb is interesting, which is why every new book is a source of information treasure. It may be that they received the name of the Sins of Norway sinners, to discover how Melisandre's youth was and perhaps even discover fundamental issues that the gods could actively intervene in the world of Martin. For those who are The song of fire and ice We like to read like fiction, Martin has already shown everything in his story, and the last two volumes for the experience can not add too much. For them, this story has almost reached the end of the red house.

(Cover of the book: From left to right: Michelle Fairley, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, George RR Martin, Nicholas Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, David Benioff and DB Weiss, A Throne Fighting on March 19 from 2013 Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images Hungary)

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