Tuesday , January 19 2021

Index – Domestic – Mysterious teenager lost a mysterious message

Barany County police are still looking for a 17-year-old girl who has returned home from Baja on her way home on November 2, Blikk said. Papp Erika would go to another bus in Bátaszék, but he received a message from a friend to a friend who was sitting in a yellow, "maybe Volkswagen", looking for a senior couple looking for a gas station to guide them.

He did not talk to her about the phone and it is unclear why he would send such detailed messages about the color of the car, and not the reason why a friend was the recipient of the sms.

The phone was busy for a while and finally it turned off completely.

The sms around the SMS increase when listening to the gas station's camera records and the police did not find a single yellow Volkswagen. Erika's Papp family had several calls in the car, but none of them had any results. According to the family, Erika never disappeared from the house and was not touched for a long time.

The police know that the girl disappears in pink pants, with a shirt that represents a set, with black gymnasiums.

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