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Lidl's first man declared himself and each client is affected

Klaus Gehrig, the company that owns Lidl and another chain, Kaufland, rarely talks about company plans and has taken a position on certain problems that affect customers.

The German economic newspaper, WirtschaftsWoche, reported at a conference in Heilbronn, where the company's chief shared several details about the company's plans.

The CEO said they would not keep Mere, the appearance of the Russian discount chain in the German market, which Origo also announced in February. He also said that Mere's actions are being monitored, but the real competitor is Aldi, who also offers branded products to their own branded products.

illustrationSource: AFP / NurPhoto / Alexander Pohl

According to Lidl coach, Aldi and Lidl are competitors of others, but at the same time they are also motivated

You will always find new solutions for acquiring customers.

Gehrig has talked about the issue of many buyers and, of course, their competitors and plans to start their online retail business.

The CEO said it was expensive to maintain this system and did not plan to enter directly into this segment.

That is, Lidl is not expected to launch an online food delivery service yet.

He also said he did not want to become Amazon or Alibaba, referring to the two most important online selling platforms in the world.

The CEO also said that they focused on traditional stores and on their chain expansion, and, for example, on biofuels.

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