Tuesday , May 18 2021

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A giant gigantic debate exploded in the Tarls Istvn regime: with this program a point to reform Budapest, Mrs. Puzsr Rbert, and the scandalized Momentum unidirectional. The party of the Hungarian opposition, and again, will show that no one else has to fight against anyone in the world. Happy Tarls-hours.

Let me ensure that Istrian Tarls is one of the happiest politicians in the world. Budapest has taken Hungarian fever in eight years and shows that nothing can be trapped in jrz, and it is not possible to deceive the most peculiar expression in political terms. If you wrote it a little more precarious, it would be the fact that the Hungarian opposition would not hurt Tarl in Jrz. Because at present it is even more important that Tarls remembers that he or she will start, the planet or the world will move away from the country. How do I think this? The reason for this is many times: the opposition is upsetting all the ups and downs. in particular

the Hungarian opposition began to argue as never before.

For this, there was a Ruther Puzsr in which were the arguments and the schemes, and wanted to persuade the Hungarian democrats who also fell. With the humorous wave, he launched a whaler, who was on the opposite side as a storm. Puzsr argued with the following people in the same way:

I inform that the present is more visible than the Hungarian Asphalt Graphics Museum,

a moment.
Andrew Black-Gyr, we spent this morning in Nsavav, where he managed to say the following about Puzsr:

I talked to Puzsrr with many people and told them they were more likely to vote for Tarls Istvan. We are not a horn, we can not say a word that would give Tarls more votes.

From the thoughts of the young politician, take seriously his friends (known, famous, friends, etc.) and because he does not like Puzsrt, Momentum does not like Puzsr. The affirmation of Black-Gyr is strange in that anyway.

  • Prttrsai, DK-bl addressed Szarvas Koppny Bendegz, and Momentum's first moment, Soproni Tams also killed in Puzsr near Korba. this is undoubtedly a sign that there are also serious trs in prt. Origo, referring to the internal sources of the word, concluded that there were serious disturbances in the minds and claws.
  • Msrszrl Puzsr's campaigns, more than once, led the leftist elite of the rgi in the opposite direction, and until today he was careful not to drop the name of Momentum when he talked about fighting the mainstream politician.

The Great Controversy failed in Momentum's words, and continued through the Index for young people.

If Momentum is improved, it has a better signal, to name it, to leave it and to hate it. Democratic democracy will only make it richer. If the left side of the game is counted, it will be the same as the charge.

He had made possible the extermination of Momentum to lead the MSZP, "the old lamp", the chapters. If that happens, then

The moment will be j Prbd

Puzsr answered with this phrase, and also called Karoly Gergely a year. Because fight x j.

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