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Szirotkin also commented on Hamilton


Sunday, November 11, 2018, 7:25 a.m.

In qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was involved in two suspicious events, one of which was later dealt with by Sergei Szirotkin. The Russian position is different.

In Interlagos, we watch many fans who share a case, both in Lewis Hamilton playing the lead. At first glance, Sergei Szirotkint and Kimi Raikkonen were previously occupied by the five-time world champion, but the race track did not even investigate the case, since neither driver involved any measured turn.

After the chronometer Hamilton gave Williams driver a little, That was a disrespectful maneuver of Szirotk, but he still could not know the position of another. He did not understand why it was necessary to move at high speed, Szirotkin explained that he did not feel wrong with Hamil.

"We unexpectedly arrived at the Q2, but at the moment of the peculiar moment I did not leave a new tire, so we assembled a set used in Q1 that was not preheated properly. The data seemed to be 27 degrees colder than what would be the ideal range, then I started I strain my nails, "said Sergei Szirotkin.

Szirotkin does not blame Hamilton

"At the 11th turn, I was also in a competitive race when I saw Hamilton go very fast. I got very fast, I certainly did not count on me because we both found ourselves in our leadership circle. As I approached myself with a great speed difference, I tried to get away from the left, but at the last moment he probably would have seen and wanted to move forward in the same way. "

"At that time I traveled about 200 km / h faster than what I did, so I had a hard work to avoid the collision and prevent it. But I have to say that I do not think Lewis did something bad, but I was in a situation where I had to I try hard, which is not exactly what is the main one, but sometimes it happens, "explained Szirotkin. Williams, according to the news His team offered Robert Kubica next year

"How will I disrespect? Absolutely disagree. If we look generally like I am driving in the field, there are few drivers in the field that are more respected than rivals, especially those who are fighting for the World Championships," said Hamilton's comment on the new Newcomer to Russia.

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