For a while, it's no secret that Sony is working on a new console for the successor to PlayStation 4. But the new system, according to an analyst, can be surprisingly accessible.

After a brief break, another information comes from the deserved console from Sony, the successor to PlayStation 4. Known: the Japanese manufacturer himself previously confirmed the assumptions that sooner or later, but surely he will make a new version of the system. Although the expected release time is still unknown, there are now non-official news.

The analyst at Rakuten Securities, Jasuo Imanaka, believes that the new console will not be on the shelves of stores before March 2020, more than likely related to the unwanted interest in current devices. Therefore, the analyst waits for a (much) later date, an appearance of 2021 or 2022 and the novelty will be available to customers for the first time.

Although the PS4 is working well, one must not forget that Microsoft, as a competitor, is also developing new console (s). There is also no official information about the latter, but according to rumors of the industry, the news will be wound up next year by the Windows manufacturer to try to break the pepper under the Japanese nose. If this is true, Sony is unlikely to follow the next generation for months.

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