Friday , June 18 2021

The New York Stock Exchange was closed

Concerns about the deceleration of world economic growth have worsened the market's atmosphere and shook strongly the willingness of investors to take risks – wrote MTI.

The key indicators of the New York Stock Exchange were weakened on Friday, MTI wrote referring to Reuters.

The 30 leading companies in the Dow Jones index industry fell 201.59 points, 0.77 percent to 25.989.63 points.

The S & P 500 index dropped 25.7 points, 0.92 percent and finished the day at 2781.13.

The Nasdaq Composite Index of Technology Shares was 123.98 points, 1.65 percent lower and 7406.9.

The biggest winners in the Friday market include technologies and industrial actions, the energy sector and the raw materials industry.

Brent's price since April dropped to $ 70 for the first time this Friday, and the price of WTI below $ 60 is also low for eight months. Oil prices fell twenty percent compared to the peak of four years of October.

The trade tensions between EE. UU. And China is causing doubts about global oil demand as a consequence of the expected economic consequences, which is a reduction in prices.


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