Friday , June 18 2021

The police do not want to know if someone was questioned in the case of Elios

The ORFK spokesman said Tuesday that, in the absence of a crime, Elios Innovative Zrt. Present an investigation against an unknown actor.

The news was written by MTI, and Kristóf Gál said: According to the recommendations of OLAF, the investigation ordered by the Pest County Attorney's Office was completed by the National Research Office. It was said that:

"During the procedure, a significant amount of documents were captured and taken, with the involvement of the counterparts, under review, completed all investigative actions in accordance with the Criminal Procedures Code," and "found that no crimes had been committed and the processes were completed absence of a crime ".

They did not even say that someone had been questioned about the matter. At the end of July, Sándor Pintér stated that a separate investigation team was involved in the Standby Police case, and the authority had taken steps to take advantage of the documents and obtained the documents produced in relation to the projects that were being evaluated. Shortly before, Péter Polt admitted that no one ever knew.

Now that the authorities discovered in a short space of time that no offense was found, we asked how many people were heard during the investigation and were interviewed by Istvan Tiborcz. After all, they would be betrayed now, since the disclosure of this information would not endanger the interests of the investigation. In 8 minutes he saw the police response:

"We recommend the MTI statement of the ORFK spokesman, who is out of control of the police."

Previously, the OLAF investigation found that money was organized: according to the 35 public lighting offers examined, serious irregularities were found. In this video, we summarize what we want to know about the case:



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