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The Samsung Galaxy S10 was released

At present, Samsung is the most important and most prominent player in the universe of Android phones. But it is also true that Korean counterparts will not rest for a moment, as they will be fed up by the high-speed cgek and the first few would recover their mythical legends. cg also develops ggervs and pp for this reason, when they are using a jscscmodel (in the middle of a vente), then everything is paying attention, as it can safely mean what Samsung does, the industry is in motion.

In line with the scenes, the TL vge appeared with the latest game cups, the S10 trap, the smaller S10E and the S10 and S10 + markers. Now, in this test, we are losing the caller, the S10 +, then let's see what Samsung can do in the beginning of 2019 with the dialect.


Samsung has always placed great emphasis on design and remained unchanged in 2019. This is also the case, since instead of the notch known until now, it has placed the casual camcorder on a real island just by throwing a hole in the OLED screen. This is a very funny jr and rgtn indicates that there is a new category of prmium.

The screen is due to the darkness of the objectForr: Origo

There is no significant factor in this solution for the symbol factor sttim kvl ms. It did not become bigger than that, so we think that the useful space is a little, because the island can not be packed with any type of information. But I think the hole in the horn is out.

The cube is basically controlled by the Infinity screen, which also flows towards fm kzkkhz, which naturally fits in doubt.

In the application you can maintain the camera level of the hmash camera, we do not call it pseudo. Digital printing reads here and it does not go wrong because it is integrated into the kernel. Certainly, the only thing you can do is look at the front and the ultrasonic system reads the biometric data indefinitely. This is a very complicated solution, as if a science fiction movie was worn in Valsg, and it is true that soon it will appear on the lower cell phones. In addition to a USB C-Type plug, Kszlkhz looks (very correctly) on an analog audio output of 3.5 mm, which can also be used for head / flip.

Atomerm in your pocket

Members of the Galaxy S series have traditionally been the most active, and this is not the case with j jes. The S10 + is an eight-core Exynos9820 processor developed for cheese, 8GB of RAM and a GPU Mali G76 GPU. Iron is very bull, using the AnTuTu benchmark for 335251 points. And now, one of the worst mobile phones in Vilg is, and we do not even say that the first one is in the line, because we do not lose the duration caused in all the MWC. First champion, Huawei Mate 20 has 10 seats, and the Galaxy S9 + of last year will have 20 rides, with 60,000 points of difference.

The hardware bivalurs!Forr: Origo

And this also means that your phone will spread many laptops or desktops. It is not surprising that you can use a regular normal szmtgpknt rtk with the help of the DEX dock you have known in the past. There is virtually no type of phone that shrinks to the hardware (it can not be run on the server, runs on a remote server), or it can be lowered. If you have the toughest 3D graphics, the full effects, environmental markers, big strokes, or the Google Google Mdjs, you can manage everything.

Acute screen

Samsung is committed to the AMOLED panel technology, and it is not surprising that there is a large screen in the chip model. The cheese pie is that the fny can be deactivated in each one of the kppont, and thus the dirty and black and white cut of the black meat is cut and, therefore, the contrasting rhythm inconspicuous. Our mysterious lovers have also demonstrated this, and our eye is that the most serious one should not be great, because the spear can remain in brightness. The product also has a high dynamic range, acrylic HDR10 + formum, which means that each kppont can be controlled individually and, when there is an eye, it can take up to 1,200 nights at times. However, HDR hats are becoming more and more rare than ever.

Island of the camera of Valdi in the cornerForr: Origo

The 6.4-inch hatch breaks 3040 x 1440 kpp with 525 pixel pixels, which is an excellent job. This is the result of daily use, which means that each kppontok is inconceivable, as well as the oblique lines of the grbe, not the recesses and the fine tips are impeccable. The vision is excellent, although whistles are almost horizontal, we will not distort ourselves. They are not impeccable, reason why the movement signal is impeccable: the objects of the movement do not drag the malaise, the krlttk does not appear aura tremor dlibbknt, and nobody can experiment it. It is also important to keep in mind that the visualization fragment can be the same as you want, and that the snail component of kk can kill the eye.


The 4100 mAh accumulator must have a great capacity to obtain enough power up to 11 rpm (low net, small jtk, pixel, YouTube oz, music, email, etc.). And that is, if you are not a great owner, but it's worth a bit. The acoustic guides are nlkli ton, st, kszlk is also able to share our phone with energy, with a gadget compatible with ms, with Samsung Flhallgate!

The soundtrack is not a big drum, because its volume can accept, the soundminsg is far from hell.

The voices of Mly are virtually inconceivable, the slogan is sterile and we do not call the official, since the subtle details can be observed. However, if we plug in the headphones, the vgeredmny will improve a lot and then the device will listen to music.


There are more cameras on the phone than a bit of Ktsgvets television. The htlap has a piece of chrome that is one of the bits of 123 more powerful degrees and of 16 megapixels, that can be very useful, since the most sophisticated version is a photo. In addition, a 12 megapixel camera, which is practically accelerated, and a 12 megapixel conventional camera, has been presented. The product supports the production of bokeh tpus fotk, which, in addition to wood, has a homogeneous effect and can also be affected by the klnfle function. According to our experience, I can have a great deal of natural and artificial treatment. In addition, it is not the last thing that akr 4K pins can fit with 60 kpc / mseg.

These cameras are the S10 cameras. Click on kpre or galrirt!Forr: Origo

On the back side, there is a two-chamber camera with a 10-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel RGB slider, which can be used to create unique moods with the power of the effects of httr klnfle.

Mg has no vge, tbbi informcirt krjk, scroll!

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