Thursday , July 29 2021

Gasoline and diesel prices are immersed during the fifth consecutive day, here are the latest rates

Petroleum marketing firms have today reduced petrol and diesel prices throughout the country. This is the fifth consecutive day when the WTO lowered fuel prices.

In Delhi, gasoline is sold at Rs 77.56 while diesel is available at Rs 72.31 per liter. Yesterday, gasoline and diesel were retailed by Rs 77.89 and Rs 72.58 per liter respectively in the national capital.

Fuel prices in the national capital are lower compared to other metropolitan cities.

In the financial capital of Mumbai, the price of gasoline fell to Rs 83.07 per liter and diesel to Rs 75.76. On Sunday, gasoline cost Rs 83.24 and diesel at Rs 75.92 per liter in Mumbai.

Fuel rates across India were being cut due to the slip in crude oil prices. The United States recently softened its position on Iran's sanctions and winked eight oil countries to continue importing Tehran oil temporarily. The list includes India, China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

The fuel prices before witnessed a relentless walk in the country, burned holes in travelers' pockets. This has even forced the BJP Center to reduce excise taxes to control its prices.

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