Sunday , June 13 2021

India sweeps the gold of the team

Saurabh Chaudhary added another penalty to his limit while defeating Arjun Singh Cheema by 2.1 points to win the gold of air guns for junior men at the XI Asian air weapons championship here on Thursday.

Phenomenal grief

It was a phenomenal season for Saurabh, which ranked third with 576.

The 16-year-old has won the Gold Olympics, the Gold Junior World Championship and the Gold Jewelry Olympic Games before.

Anmol Jain was the second best placed in 577.

The Indians swept the team's gold with an intimidating margin of 38 points over the Chinese.

Manu finishes fourth

There was no fairy tale similar to Manu Bhaker, who also won gold from the Youth Olympics, as well as Gold and World Cup gold medals for minors and women. Manu finished fourth.

However, along with Abhidnya Patil, who made the final and was seventh, and Neha, Manu saw the silver medal, 10 points behind the Chinese.

The results:

Air gun of 10 meters: junior men: 1. Saurabh Chaudhary 239.8 (576); 2. Arjun Singh Cheema 237.7 (578); 3. Wei-Te Huang (TPE) 218.0 (572); 4. Anmol Jain 195.1 (577).

Crew: 1. India 1731; 2. China 1693; 3. Kazakhstan 1668.

Youthful Women: 1. Wang Xiaoyu (Chn) 238.9 (574); 2. Wang Keyi (Chn) 234.8 (562); 3. Mei-Fang Yang (Tpe) 216.5 (563); 4. Manu Bhaker 196.4 (579); 7. Abhidnya Patil 133.1 (563).

Crew: 1. China 1704; 2. India 1694; 3. Chinese Taipei 1679.

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