Sunday , July 25 2021

Maneka Gandhi: Notice issued to Maneka Gandhi for communal comments

LUCKNOW: Minister of the Union Maneka Gandhi issued a warning on Friday to expel a great controversy when he told Sultanpur Muslims in Uttar Pradesh that they would vote if they wanted him to work after he had won the constituency.

According to sources, the Sultanpur District magistrate issued the notice after the Electoral Commission became aware of the matter and asked Gandhi to explain his observations.

When addressing an election demonstration in the village of Turab Khani, the BJP leader said he would not give jobs to Muslims if they did not vote for it. He also said he would not like it if he won without the support of Muslims.

The three-minute speech of Gandhi viral in social media, provoking outrage over its common content. The Congress called Gandhi's "scandalous" statement.

However, Gandhi maintained that his statements were cited out of context.

Gandhi is responding from Sultanpur, a seat won by his son Varun Gandhi in 2014. Varun Gandhi is in dispute with Pilibhit, where his mother won in 2014.

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