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Supermarkets produce antibiotic resistance genes – ScienceDaily

Researchers at the Julius Kühn Institute found that the product is a deposit for transferable antibiotic resistance genes that frequently escape traditional methods of molecular detection. These antibiotic resistance genes could escape the independent detection of the crop, but still could be transferred to human pathogens or humans. The results, which highlight the importance of the rare microbes of products as a source of antibiotic resistance genes, are published on November 6 in the open access journal, mbio.

The product is increasingly recognized as a source of pathogenic bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance genes. This study aimed to explore methods to characterize resistive resistant transferability: the collection of antibiotic resistance genes present in the bacteria, associated to the product. The researchers analyzed mixed salad, arugula and coriander purchased in supermarkets in Germany by methods of culture and DNA-based.

These results have confirmed that methods based on DNA independent of the culture are not always sufficiently sensitive to detect resistant resistance that is transferable in the weird microbe, such as that of production.

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