Thursday , July 29 2021

The brothers of Ram Charan are completely unrecognizable

No, we're not talking about the brothers of the real life of Ram Charan, but here's an interesting thing in the discussion about his carrion brothers. And the way they went beyond recognition is not due to any type of special make-up, but only time.

In the next movie Vinaya Vidheya Rama, two ex-heroes are playing brothers of mega power star. They are no more than the fame of "Jeans" Prashanth and the fame of films "Hai" Aryan Rajesh (the brother of Allari Naresh). How many of you have identified your presence in the trailer?

Prashanth, 45, and Aryan Rajesh, 40, continued as heroes, if they focused a lot on their appearance, they say film lovers identified these two. After back flops back at the box office, they lost interest in the movies and then lost control of their body as well. And after a break, the role of the brothers of Charan emerged in this director of Boyapati Sreenu, where it has long been recognized.

Of course, unlike many heroes that simply disappear, since they can not play the bad guys and the brothers on the silver screen, it is good to see them come back in this way.

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