Monday , July 26 2021

The "expert" of Naidu for the meeting of the CE is "EVM thief" News from Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha

NEW DELHI: When the Electoral Commission agreed to the request of Andhra Pradesh Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday morning to let an "expert" from his delegation return for a more technical discussion on the EVM, little did he realize that this " expert "was Hari Prasad. , a Hyderabad-based investigator arrested in 2010 in a single EVM robbery case.

While Hari Prasad was a part of Naidu's delegation meeting by the EC in the morning, it was only when the resident commissioner of Andhra Pradesh gave his name indicating the composition of the "team of TDP experts" who would attend the CE officials at 4 in the afternoon . He touched a bell.

The EC officials made a quick check and realized that this was the same man who for a long time claimed that the EVMs are not imperfect and they even steal an EVM to prove it with the help of some foreign experts.

EC doubts were confirmed when Hari Prasad came with a member of the TDP legal cell for discussion at 4 in the morning with Vice President of the Sudeep Jain elections and the emeritus professor of IIT D T Shahani who is in the committee of technical experts assigned to the EC. Shortly after he appeared at Jain's office, the officers brought their criminal past and raised protests, forcing a disgusted Hari Prasad and his colleague to leave immediately.

Shortly after, EC wrote a serious letter to the president of the TDP legal cell asking how Hari Prasad, a "so-called technical expert with these backgrounds, was allowed to be part of the delegation … by … Naidu."

Pointing to his arrest for EVM's robbery in 2010, CE wrote: "Whatever the final result of the investigation, it would be appreciated that such backgrounds do not inspire confidence." In 2010, he properly awarded media reports and photographs.

The EC even said that it did not consider it appropriate to have any interaction with Hari Prasad, was prepared to do so with any other expert "who has no similar background." This was also transmitted to the resident commissar of Andhra Pradesh here.

Hari Prasad was arrested in 2010 to illegally acquire an EVM, but later received bail. Since 2009 he interviewed EVM. Hari Prasad appeared for the EVM challenge conducted by the EC in 2009, but could not prove that the machine could be tampered with or cut.

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