Thursday , July 29 2021

Tollywood News – Rajamouli builds a home office in RRR sets

Today, the latest news from Tollywood: "Rajamouli builds a home office in RRR games"

Few directors are completely motivated and passionate about not having privacy when shooting movies. They simply do not allow themselves to be allowed a minute of their time discussing things that are not working, it's a movie.

SS Rajamouli would be one of those people. During Baahubali, while many knew that Prabhas had to pause in his personal life, Rajamouli still did not focus on anything other than his film. It took a year and six months to start your next one.

RRR, its next movie that started recently and should start filming November 19, asks the director to focus entirely on the next level. A small house was built on film trays.

Most of the movie will be shot at the set and the designers decided to make the house an office, it seems. Rajamouli will use two rooms. Ram Charan, Jr. NTR will use each one a room and define the properties, the suits and others, as well as a few pieces.

All this to save time for Rajamouli and let him focus, apparently, only on the set of the movie.



Rajamouli builds a home office at RRR.

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