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5 Dangers often eat instant food, one of them is cancer – The technology more and more developed facilitated the human life. Almost everything becomes very practical, including satisfying basic human needs, namely, food.

We find it easier to find various types of food in a line of self-service shelves or shopping centers without having to worry about finding restaurants or going abroad. We can enjoy almost all types of food easily, just by heating it in the microwave, and this is called instant food.

For those who love instant food, after serving, instant food is a type of food to avoid. Not only because of the conservative content that is not good for the body, but continues to eat instant food, other chemicals will also have a long-term effect on the body.

In instant food, some chemicals that we can find are:

– Sodium polyphosphate

– Fat and gluten

– Malic acid and tartazine substances

– Alginate and glycerin

– Stirofoam substance on plastic containers

– PCM (monomer of vinyl chloride and lead) in canned containers

– Amino acids and Lecithin

These chemicals that continue to enter the body can become dangerous seeds of the disease. Some of the diseases that can be caused by instantaneous food consumed continuously are:

1 Cancer
For lovers of instant noodles, it reduces the habit of eating this food because there are MSG and wax materials used to coat the noodles so they are not sticky when packed in a plastic wrap.

The same applies to other instant foods that generally contain high MSG. MSG levels that are too high will cause damage to healthy cells in the body and will trigger the growth of cancer cells. The type of cancer that usually affects people who like to eat instant food is the colon, liver and blood cancer (leukemia).

2 Brain damage
The second danger is brain damage. The preservatives and the dyes from instant food will be installed and they will form crystals in the body, little by little the crystals will pass through the bloodstream to the brain tissue. In the end, we experience backward movements in thought and decreasing signals and intelligence.

3 Increase in blood sugar
In addition to containing MSG, instant food also contains sugar with a high enough level to maintain the sweet taste. However, the high content of sugars and carbohydrates in instant foods, such as cookies, pasta and bread, can increase blood sugar levels and may be the cause of the onset of type 2 diabetes.

4 Obesity
Eating instant foods continuously can cause obesity due to high caloric and sugar content, and this is the main cause of rapid weight gain in just one month. The solution is to consume lots of water, vegetables and fruits.

5 Intestinal disorders
The chemicals found in instant foods with carbohydrates as a basic ingredient will suppress and hurt the intestinal wall. Preservatives are addictive and attach to the intestine and make the intestines adhere to other intestinal walls. Although it does not sound too bad, bowel disorders can have a serious impact and stop the surgery to release the sticky intestine.

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