Thursday , July 29 2021

6 Interesting facts about the ocean in the world, vacation lovers on the beach should know

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Traveler, do you want to go to the sea?

Starting a stroll along the beach, swimming, submerging, submerging or sailing on a boat.

Although the sea and the coast become one of the favorite destinations for the holidays, it turns out that there are data on the oceans that are not known.

This time TribunTravel summarizes some interesting facts about the ocean from the page.

1. Coral reefs produce their own natural sunscreen

For coral in shallow water, too much sun can damage algae that live in the reef.

To protect algae, which is the main source of coral feeding, corals become fluorescents.

This creates a protein that acts as a kind of sunscreen for algae.

2. A sea full of gold

There are about 20 million tons of gold scattered across the oceans of the world


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