Friday , June 18 2021

Fandi recalls the moment to silence 100,000 candidates from the Indonesian national industry

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – At a press conference AFF Cup 2018Singapore coach Fandi Ahmad revealed his memories by silencing 100 thousand followers Indonesian national team in SUGBK

Fandi Ahmad is a Singapore singer legend who is now coach of the AFF Cup 2018. At a press conference before the match against the Indonesian National Team, Fandi Ahmad opened his memories of the Indonesian team.

The memory of Fandi was the 1997 semifinal duel of SEA Games in Jakarta. At that moment Fandi scored despite Singapore finally losing 1-2 at the end of the match. The encounter finally became the last encounter of Fandi in suits of Singapore.

"I scored and 100 thousand followers (in Senayan) were silent. But what disappointed me, we lost (at the end of the game)," said Fandi cited in the strait.

Fandi Ahmad will return to duel with the Milky Way, but this time as a coach.Fandi Ahmad will return to duel with the Milky Way, but this time as a coach. (CNN Indonesia / Arby Rahmat Putratama)

Regarding this duel, Fandi admitted that the Indonesian team had qualities that made him very jealous.

"Indonesia is technically very strong. I like the way they play 1-2 goals. We are jealous of the style of playing soccer as well, but of course we will maximize what we have".

"Our motivation is very strong in this fight," said Fandi.

Fandi's motivation for this game was to prove his quality as a coach after he became a great player in the history of Singapore football. Fandi has been appointed coach since last May and was assigned to take Singapore to the AFF Cup semifinals.

"Although this is only in the short term, I am anxious for that (Singapore leader in the AFF Cup). After completing a career as a player, this is the highest level in the world of coaches."

"I am proud to take this opportunity. I hope that players can play well because I know them for a long time and a strong bond between us helps us through this fight," said Fandi. (ptr / sry)

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