Monday , April 12 2021

Food that is suitable so that the slim adds weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The owner of the body too slim they need to gain weight. What is the consumption that the thin need to consume so that the body mass index (BMI) can be normal?

The diabetes and metabolism expert at Louisiana State University in the United States, Eric Ravussin, recommends high-fat foods such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, milk, cheese and Greek yogurt. Time.

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Foods that contain fat and sugar can also lose weight. However, these foods also contain calories, so you consume enough, you can gain weight.

"Fatty foods contain more calories per gram, with an average of 9 grams," said the dietician at the Frances Stern Nutrition Center at the Tufts Medical Center, Alicia Romano.

Ravussin recommends that the owner of the body be very thin to eat three large portions and add snacks that contain 300 calories in the morning and in the afternoon.

Illustration of nuts.

"If you want to try to increase weight, eating more times is an option. Do not forget to eat hardy vegetables, whole grains and proteins so you do not have any nutrients," he said.

A cup of almonds contains 800 calories. One tablespoon of oil contains 119 calories. You can eat as a sandwich or add it to a salad.

Roman suggested to do smoothies made of avocado, nuts, yogurt or milk, as well as fruits and vegetables. Also be sure to drink sbeaten after eating, not before.

Finally, do not forget to exercise to increase your BMI. The addition of muscle mass to the fat is good for the construction of force, increasing the density and strength of the bones.

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Exercise usually stimulates appetite. Thus, it may be easier to consume more foods with high calorie content after exercise.

If you have tried all this and your weight has not increased, it's time to talk with your doctor or dietitian. You may have an undiagnosed health problem, something like an overactive thyroid, lactose intolerance or celiac disease and makes weight gain difficult.

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