Thursday , September 23 2021

Greetings Xiaomi Boss donates a bonus of IDR 13.6 million for Amal

Xiaomi CEO, June Law, just received a good extra from the company, reaching Rp. 13.6 trillions. Confused about what to use for that amount of money, finally Xiaomi this decided to do it donate a bonus which you obtained for charity.

Denounced by Business Today, Law Jun received an annual bonus after Xiaomi took the floor in the Hong Kong exchange. He secured more than 636.6 million shares as extra for turning eight years into Xiaomi.

Quote Telset.idOn Friday (12/4/2019), according to the current price of Xiaomi shares, this amount was equivalent to $ 7.54 million in Hong Kong, equivalent to $ 961 million. If it is converted, the amount is around 13.6 trillion of clothing.

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Curiously, Xiaomi also stated that Law Jun had promised to donate all bonuses for charitable purposes. However, the amount must be subject to tax deductions.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi did not explain even more where the bonus that Lei Jun received was given. Xiaomi has not yet given a detailed statement on this matter. June law was still in silence.

Xiaomi made a flashy performance during the second quarter of 2018. Xiaomi's revenue increased 68.3 percent while sales of mobile phones increased. Xiaomi is really popular in several countries, especially in India.

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Xiaomi's revenues in foreign markets doubled compared to the same period in 2017. Xiaomi revealed the report from the first floor of the stock exchange worth USD 4.72 million. [SN/HBS]

Source: Business Today

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