Monday , April 12 2021

Harvard researchers call Oumuamua Asteroid a foreign ship – Do you remember the mysterious Umuoid Oumuamua that crossed the Earth in September last year? The researchers in the world continue to discover and learn about these external rocks.

Now, in a recent report, Harvard researchers say that the mysterious asteroid could be an alien spacecraft navigating the Earth using light.

When Oumuamua crossed our planet, the scientists were quite surprised because this object was the first object known to have originated from another solar system.

Unfortunately, this stone fired enough from our solar system. This causes investigators to only observe it for a while.

In that short space of time, astronomers realized that the object was moving in a strange way. It spins rapidly while flying through our solar system.

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In the new report, the researchers said that this was possible because the big stone acted as a "light screen". That is, the object passes through space using the sun as an energy source.

If the assumption is correct, maybe Oumuamua is a spacecraft made by aliens.

"(It may be) a complete operational investigation that was intentionally sent to the whole Earth by an alien civilization," according to the researchers The Independent, Tuesday (11/11/2018).

In fact, this is not the first time that Oumuamua loves an alien spaceship. Previously, researchers at the Breakthrough Listen project announced that they would oversee if this object sent radio signals.

However, the latest research written by Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb looks to the other side. They tried to observe how solar radiation can be used to move objects when flying through space.

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They found the conclusion that the object must be thin and too broad to be able to do this maneuver.

If your hypothesis is correct, then this will be a breakthrough in natural law. Also, these objects have never been found before.

"A possibility is that Oumuamua be a lightweight vessel, floating in interstellar space as remnants of sophisticated technological equipment," the researchers wrote.

They also opened the possibility that the object was "dirt" that had been thrown into space from the planetary system.

Such an explanation will be able to respond to the strange characteristics of Oumuamua, including its unusual form.

Earth scientists have tried to develop such technology. They try to make a small spaceship that can cross the space at high speed using energy from sunlight.

Harvard's experts thought that the idea could have been developed elsewhere in the universe.

Unfortunately, the report can not be tested. Because Oumuamua is too far from Earth.

Even so, the authors are optimistic that there will be new ways of observation.

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