Saturday , October 23 2021

Holidays in Bali, Miyabi: Good Morning My Boss

[ad_1], DENPASAR – The Japanese hot star, Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, has returned to make a touch of Indonesian warganet. On this occasion, he uploaded a photo of him using a bikini while on vacation to the island of the gods, Bali.

The photo uploaded to your personal Instagram account, @ maria.ozawa, Tuesday (06/11/2018), shows Maria Ozawa who presents herself very well on the edge of the pool. The 32-year-old woman appeared seductive with a black and white bikini.

The most interesting part is the description of the photo uploaded by Maria Ozawa. He said a good day writing the phrase: "Hello my boss, good day of Bali." Warganet responded directly to the greeting sent by Maria Ozawa.

A number of netizens responded immediately to the load with a variety of unique chats. They were very happy to see Maria Ozawa returning to visit the island of the Gods, Bali. "Wow, immediately reservation Ticket, my boss, "said @dhannll.

"Even when in Bali? Stay in what hotel? My Friday to Bali. Come see it, "continued @ n_145_s.

"Tomorrow is also my boss. Wait for me there. Do not go anywhere, I will continue later," continued @ edwiwiwnghag.

This is not the first time Maria Ozawa went to Bali. However, they still upload photos while on the island of the gods, Bali, they always steal the attention of the fans. Understandably, Maria Ozawa has been known as one of the artists who often look sexy and courageous.

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