Thursday , September 23 2021

How to effectively neutralize exposure to cigar smoke that harms pregnancy

TIMESBANYUWANGI, JAKARTA – Exposure to cigar smoke during pregnancy can cause adverse effects on pregnancy, both for pregnant women and for fetuses in the womb. In order to avoid the adverse effects of exposure to cigar smoke, it is necessary to have a way to neutralize cigarette smoke for pregnant women. How? Reports, here are 6 ways you can do to neutralize cigarette smoke.

1. Stop the source of cigar smoke

The first thing you should do to neutralize cigarette smoke for pregnant women is to stop the smoke source from the cigar before exposing the pregnant woman. Exposure to cigar smoke usually comes from husbands that smoke inside the house. To stop the smoke source from the cigar, it is necessary to have the husband's knowledge not to temporarily smoke at home or in front of pregnant women due to the danger of smoking cigar for pregnant women and the fetus.

2. Maintain the health status of pregnant women

The step is to maintain the state of health of the pregnant woman's body and ensure that your immune system is in optimal conditions. With a healthy and well-maintained condition, exposure to cigar smoke may not have a negative impact on the fetus in the womb.

3. Increase water consumption

In order to eliminate toxins from cigar smoke that entered the body of pregnant women, the method that is also very simple is to increase water consumption. Drinking plenty of water can help eliminate nicotine in the body of pregnant women and still maintain hydration. The water that is consumed is able to maintain the humidity of the lungs so that it can work normally.

4. Eat spinach

Spinach contains vitamin A and flavonoids that can prevent the development of lung cancer. The iron contained in spinach can also help maintain the health of the lungs, which will surely have the greatest impact on the presence of cigar smoke in the body of pregnant women.

5. Eat or garlic

Garlic is known to be able to maintain healthy lung conditions. The cysteine ​​amino acids contained in garlic can help prevent respiratory infections, the content of antioxidants found in garlic can also prevent the onset of lung cancer. Besides garlic, ginger can also be consumed to help neutralize cigarette smoke for pregnant women.

6. Respiratory exercises

The next way to neutralize cigarette smoke for pregnant women is to do breathing exercises. Respiratory exercises help maintain the condition of the lungs in a healthy state, increasing lung capacity that provides more oxygen throughout the body. Respiratory exercise is necessary to always maintain the quality of breast milk given to the baby.

This is how to neutralize exposure to cigar smoke for pregnant women. The neutralization process must be carried out periodically to ensure that there is no harmful smoke to the cigar that can adversely affect the body. Pregnant women should be completely distanced from the dangers of cigar smoke in their environment due to some dangerous risks for pregnancy that should be considered correctly. (*)

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