Sunday , April 11 2021

Lost, trainer Madura FC proud of the fight of the players

YOGYAKARTA, – Madura FC failed to win home points at PSS Sleman in the last eight of League 2. He lost 0-1 in a match at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Tuesday (06/11/2018).

However, the coach of Madura FC, Salahudin, is proud of the struggles of his players.

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"Alhamdulillah, I finished the match and the result we lost 1-0," said Salahudin at a press conference after the match.

He said that throughout the game the host children played well. Players also fought for maximum results.

"However, I am very proud and proud of the players. He fought hard and played well, but the results are like that," he added.

After this fight, Madura FC will play two games at home, including the PSS. Salahudin set the goal of sweeping the games at home to open opportunities for the semifinals.

"We're going to clean up two games at home so we can get away. We will also try to play the best possible to get points in Aceh (Aceh Banda)," he said.

Meanwhile, the player of the FC Madura, Faith Budi Hernandi, said that the PSS was a good team. All players also tried their best to earn points.

"It's a good game, Sleman is a good and great team. All players and trainers of Madura FC are very good at Sleman," he said.

Madura FC is really able to reduce the PSS game. Unfortunately, they conceded in minute 81 for a goal their own.

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