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Photo by Syahrini wearing a wedding dress published, used by Ex Luna Maya Marriage, Reino Barack?

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Photo of Syahrini wearing a dress as a bride published again by Hengki Kawilarang. Used during a wedding with the ex-lover of Luna Maya, Reino Barack?

Yes, Indonesia's renowned designer, Hengki Kawilarang, re-uploaded a portrait of Syahrini while engaged by her marriage to former Maya Moon, Barack King.

The fashion designer who also subscribed to Syahrini made this dress see a portrait of the wife of Reino Barack in a glamorous white dress.

The dress used by Syahrini seems long sleeves.

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Syahrini was also seen wearing a color-colored head corresponding to the dress he used.

Is this the dress that Syahrini wears on her wedding day with Reino Barack at the Camii mosque in Tokyo, Japan?

Hengki Kawilarang did not comment on the dress.

He only expressed his happiness to know that Syahrini had officially married Barack's Kingdom.

"I heard the good news from far away … happy trip in your new life … (I heard happy news from a long island, survived a new life),"Hengki wrote while mentoring Syahrini's account on Instagram.

Photo Syahrini Use wedding dress
Photo by Syahrini wearing wedding dress (Instagram / hengkikawilarang_designer)

Previously, he posted a photo of Syahrini in a dress.

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