Sunday , July 25 2021

The asteroid Oumuamua claims to be a foreign spy object?

According to the analysis of NASA, in particular it could be possible for this comet to flee from another galaxy. Galaxies that are different from nature with humans.

"If the next observation really confirms that this asteroid has a strange nature, which means that it is really an object interstellar, asteroids originating from other kingdoms, "wrote NASA in its official statement.

According to NASA, this asteroid may have originated from a group of Vega stars that are located about 25 light years away from the Sun.

At their speed, comets carry about 1.7 million years to be able to pass from Vega al Sol.

If so, this asteroid has flown for a long time in the vacuum for 1.7 million years. He could enter the Milky Way galaxy because he was attracted by the gravity of the Sun, which was so strong.

"The gravitational force of the Sun is so great that it can attract small objects like dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets, but it comes from another kingdom, another galaxy. Perhaps because it moves very fast, it attracts the gravity of the Sun and our galaxy." NASA.

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