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The Earth's magnetic field almost disappeared in 565 million years ago, really?, Jakarta – In 565 million years, the Earth's magnetic field was almost lost. But a geological phenomenon affirmed to save it.

The nucleus of the Earth at that time tended to begin to harden and strengthen the magnetic field, according to the research team that reported on January 28 through the magazine Geoscience of nature.

This fact is considered important because magnetic fields protect the planet and its inhabitants from harmful radiation and solar storms.

Scientists have discovered the original form of the Earth's nucleus at that time, when seeing crystals of the size of sand grains.

They took plagioclase and clinopiroxen – Formed ore 565 million years ago – which today is east of Quebec, Canada.

These samples contain small magnetic needles of approximately 50 to 100 nanometers, which are directed towards the magnetic field at that time, located on the molten rock.

"These tiny magnetic particles are ideal magnetic engravers," said co-author John Tarduno, a professor at the Department of Earth Sciences and the Environment and professor at the University of Rochester, New York, United States.

"When the particles cool down, they block the Earth's magnetic field that stays for billions of years," he continued, quoted from Live science, Thursday (01/31/2019).

Thus, by joining the crystals in a magnetometer, researchers can find that the loading of particles is very low. In fact, 565 million years ago, the Earth's magnetic field was 10 times stronger than it is today.

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