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The farthest object in the Solar System

ASTRONOM discovered a new object in a remote area of ​​the solar system and was named FarFarOut. Its position, 140 times more far from the point of the planet Earth to the Sun, confirms that the object is the most distant in the solar system.

Previously, the registry owner of the farthest object of the solar system was a dwarf planet called Goblin with a distance of 120 times the Earth distance – the Sun. The new discovery was the work of a team from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC directed by Scott Sheppard. They analyzed astronomical data to track estimated objects of having 10 times Earth mass.

FarFarOut tends to be mysterious. Very little and very difficult to detect. "We do not know safely about the orbit of the object, what we know is far away," said Scott Sheppard. Researchers are still observing suspected objects of hiding in the distant cloud of Oort.

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