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The Unique Relationships between the Soviet Union and the U.S. UU. Concerning the Mission to Mars, from the Competition to Collaboration – The competition between the Soviet Union and the United States in the exploration of space in the Cold War era still leaves interesting stories.

One of them is related to the Planet Mars exploration mission. This mission is to take photos along with data on the planet, in the form of data on the atmospheric composition, density, pressure and Mars temperature, as well as the surface composition, temperature and topography of the planet.

The United States Space Agency or NASA sent spacecraft on the Mariner project, along with the Soviet Union that sent Mars missions.

The two ships managed to reach the Mars orbit and map the surface of the planet and send the results to scientists on the planet. However, NASA's Mariner 9 spacecraft has been registered as the first vehicle to reach Mars's orbit.

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Although both countries competed with each other, they still provided information about the Red Planet.

Second Kompas daily The December 3, 1971 edition, some American scholars at the Mars Project Observer Station in Pasadena, EE. U., They provided data to Soviet space experts.

Exchange information that is done so much to strengthen information about space. Although previously, both countries competed.

Soviet newspaper, Izvestia He also proclaimed that cooperation was to inform about the status of Mars in humans on the planet. In addition, this collaboration is to further examine life on Mars.

The first human mission on Mars

The precise cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union regarding the Mars Project offers scientific benefits to various countries in the world. Both managed to see and map the conditions on Mars and see the dust storms that occur.

After the mission was successful, another mission of the Soviet Union arose to launch the first human to Mars. This mission is a continuation of the first project after knowing Mars's success successfully.

Kompas daily On May 14, 1970, a Russian cosmonaut named Colonel Alexei Leonov was proclaimed as saying that he would perform an exploration mission on Mars. People who walked in space have their own mission related to the continuous exploration of Mars.

The Soviet cosmonaut explained that the mission that landed on Mars was different from the mission of NASA in Vulan. Leonov will slip off the space station.

Leonov also explained how the landing did not use a parachute but with an inverted rocket. This will lead to a very small air around Mars.

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There is no reality

So far, the mission has not yet been performed. The careful planning of the cosmonaut has not been reached until today.

However, NASA has prepared a special mission related to Mars. Some time ago, NASA sent a Curiosity explorer or explorer to find information about the planet's conditions.

After that, another mission was prepared. Named Mission V, this mission requires the crew to live in a place with conditions that resemble Planet Mars.

In addition to simulating life on Mars, this mission also aims to prepare astronauts that will go to Mars and see the psychological effects.

The chosen place is Big, a remote island in Hawaii. The crew was stationed at an installation at the University of Hawaii in Hawaii's analog and exploratory simulation (HI-SEAS) on Mauna Loa volcano.

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In addition, the crew also lives in a dome of 111 square meters and always uses sensors that help control their health. After the mission is complete, NASA has an image to realize it in fact.

A 17-year-old woman who is willing to occupy Mars. A woman named Alyssa Carson will depart to Mars in 2033. Until this day, several preparations were made to launch the mission.

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