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Apps for Music Streaming | Should I get Apple or Spotify?


First of all, the easy answer for anyone already in Spotify or Apple Music: if you have one that you like, you are not losing. Both are excellent for what they do and neither have essential features. But if you are undecided or go between free trials, here you have to choose the one that gives you the money.

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If you have your own files that you want to listen to, get Apple Music

I have Apple Music for a specific reason: it's the easiest service to use if you have bootlegs, personal mixes, any music that you can not find in a broadcasting service, but you still want to listen.

Apple Music is the only transmission service where it is not a pain to add your own music files.

Alexander George

For example, I have CDs of this series called FabricLive (these are these excellent DJ sets from this club in London). These albums have modified versions of songs protected by copyright, which is difficult for a transmission service. I use iTunes and the MacBook Air 2011 CD drive to save a copy and then I can access it from my phone. (You can do the same thing in Spotify, but it implies a clumsy import process and the result does not work properly).

If you cross devices frequently, get Spotify

My biggest complaint about the other excellent Apple Music is that while iTunes can plays streaming music, run the same thing five years ago. Spotify, on the other hand, has an excellent desktop application that you can use to control remote speakers. For example, from my desktop at Popular Mechanics, we could start playing Echo Dot and the Bluetooth speaker at my mother's house, which is in another state. You can even play from a web browser interface.

You can control Spotify from anywhere, even in a web browser.

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Apple Music works on iTunes. Simply not as perfectly as Spotify.

If you want to find dark things, get Apple Music

Spotify says he has songs of "30 million." Apple says it has "40 million." In practice, this discrepancy will appear from time to time, where, for a particular artist, Apple Music will have a disk more than Spotify or will have access to an exclusive live version. But the reverse can also be true. All that is said is that neither will guarantee more access and there are always possibilities for change of availability.

Apple sometimes gets the first releases before reaching Spotify. Artists like Drake and Frank Ocean have signed agreements with Apple before, and most likely they will follow it. So, if you have to listen to a new version correctly when it comes out, Apple Music is more likely to have it first.

If you want human selection, get Apple Music

Another thing that Apple has to do is Spotify: real radio stations. I was among the first friends to find new songs because I heard in Beats 1. Apple Music also has radio programs for artists such as Run the Jewels and specific seasons of the genre or decade like Hip-Hop and 80s. . Spotify also has playlists, but its radio is limited to similar song algorithms.

Apple Music has an advantage with music selected by the man in his radio programs.

Alexander George

That being said, for the algorithms, the Spotify Discover Weekly function is reliably reliable. I found nothing in Apple Music to do the same as the Discover Weekly playlist.

If you use Alexa, get Spotify

I often play Apple Music from my phone to my Sonos One speakers using AirPlay. While my phone and speakers are in the same wifi, you can control them. But if you want to use Alexa to call your music selections, Apple Music will not work without problems. Spotify only plays better with Echo devices, and while Apple sells HomePod, I do not expect the company to work well with Amazon speakers.

A note about the sound quality

Both Spotify and Apple Music use similar bit rates for their music, and the result is that everyone except serious ears with awesome devices will have difficulty noticing any difference between the two services.

So what?

I do not know any unsatisfied customer of Spotify, so I recommend someone who is trying to decide. The service has all the songs that most customers could want, an intuitive navigation system, Discover Weekly and compatibility with Alexa devices. But I keep coming back to Apple Music for reasons that only geeks really want: access some more songs, Beats 1 and other radio stations with humans finding your music and letting me put my bootlegs in my library.

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