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Celtic ad Shved Signing to Give Rodgers Headache options

Called after a dinner and a small garden house, Maryan Shved signed for Celtic.

The well-known Ukrainian side came to Parkhead today to place the last auctions in a long four-year contract, which will see him return to the Karpaty Lviv club for the remainder of his season, making the trip back to Glasgow in April.

The signing of Shved seemed in doubt earlier this week when Brendan Rodgers suggested that the last thing Celtic needed was another great man at his side and it is easy to see Carnlough's man point.

Shved, who was on the steps of Hoops 2-0 hooks on St Johnstone the night before, now has Rodgers's options for a total of nine, to fill the two flank positions, with a combination of Ryan Christie, James Forrest and Scotty Sinclair has favored the last matches.

But like those of Callum McGregor, Johnny Hayes, Mikey Johnson and the new loanee recruited Ollie Burke for a more regular game time in the wings, it might be a prudent move so that his latest addition could end the league season with Karpaty, who is tenth in the twelfth win of the Ukrainian Premier League.

Shved, who passed through Karpaty's juvenile system, returned to the club and did not qualify for Sevilla after two years with the side of the League.

However, from his return to his homeland in 2017, Aul Maryan had a bit of rebirth and received his international debut for the certified director and legend, Andriy Shevchenko, in November.

The same Andriy Shevchenko that recommends the Scottish giants to 21 years of age.

Shved, who has contributed eight goals and three assists to his club this season from the width of the right, is understandably delighted with his move.

I am very proud to be here and more proud as a Ukrainian to be the first player in my country to sign in Celtic, particularly with what it means for soccer in Ukraine.

The prospect went on to explain that their strengths consisted of getting one against one with the defenders before cutting forward their favorite left foot, which will be given in the counterattack style of Rodgers.

The arrival of Ukraine could define the final to Dubliner Hayes, who only got three league games for the nine in a row chasing Celts.

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