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Well, that's a quick rise: a minute Louise Mitchell of EastEnders (Tilly Keeper) is flirting with a young man named Midge (Tom Colley) in the cafe, the next is death on his face with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) struggling to find after having him the task of protecting it.

Keanu had a job, ffs.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) will not recruit him again in a hurry when his daughter stays in the fight for his life, thanks to him falling the ball. Do not expect a brilliant reference, K.

Keanu fails in his assignment in a great way next week when Louise becomes the victim of her father's crimes with Midge and Danny (Paul Usher). Keanu sees with horror how Louise is grouped in a car by Midge and is expelled after leaving her alone.

Phil desperately called for help, but furious Louise was kidnapped.

(Image: BBC)

Ben and Keanu set off to find Louise, but it's a race against time to take her back to safety. Midge and Danny do nothing, they are dangerous faces.

Is this a work that Keanu can do well or Phil will return to his daughter in a bag?

Probably getting worse when Sharon finds out about all this …

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