Tuesday , March 9 2021

Gardai investigated after the referee allegedly attacked after the football match

Referee Daniel Sweeney
Referee Daniel Sweeney

Gardai is investigating after an arbitrator was assaulted after an adult football game.

The referee Daniel Sweeney was hospitalized after the alleged attack by three players from Mullingar Town in a parking lot after his one-legged start with Horseleap on Sunday mornings.

It is understood that a spectator was involved in the attack, which left Mr. Sweeney with serious injuries in the jaw, cheekbone and nose.

The president of the Soccer League, Comarcas Comarcas, Seán Montgomery, said that those involved would receive lifelong prohibitions and that the club would issue a significant fine.

He said: "There will be no stone not revoked in terms of how we handle this. It is completely and totally unacceptable."

Paul Malone, secretary of the Midlands Branch of the arbitrators, said: "It is an absolute misfortune. It must be arrested, it will get worse." He called prisoners by the authors.

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