Thursday , July 29 2021

Gardaí take advantage of vehicles of bands linked to rural robberies

A team of 80 guards conducted a series of raids in four places this morning aimed at a group suspected of getting involved in rural robberies and vehicle thefts

Gardaí believes that the gang, which was previously located in the north of Dublin, also has strong ties with some of the most important groups of robberies and armed drugs in the state.

One of the drug bands that are nearby and allegedly working was led by the Criminal Asset Office (Cab) this year which led to the confiscation of a fleet of luxury vehicles.

The leader of the gang in the sweepings on Tuesday is currently in prison waiting for trial for his alleged role in a major money laundering network. The attacks were led by Cab.

In his absence, the family gang leads suspects to participate in a wide range of crimes, mainly in Meath and the northern county of Dublin.

Informed sources have said the band is suspected of being behind the theft of a large number of Toyota Land Cruisers in Co Meath, mainly from the peasants, this year.

Or Irish He understands that the branch allegedly robs Land Cruisers to break the sale in the spare parts market. Parts for certain types of Land Cruiser are difficult to import, which means they charge a high price.

The group based in Dublin and Meath, the objective of Tuesday, was also closely linked to drug trafficking and money laundering.


Gardaí suspects that its members may be responsible for a large number of ferrets in which industrial and agricultural vehicles are stolen, as well as machines for heavy plants throughout the country.

On Tuesday morning, a team of more than 80 guards from various Garda specialized units conducted raids in four locations, with seven sought-after properties.

The incursions were focused on two plots, each with several houses and dependencies, around Slane and Ashbourne at Co Meath.

In Dublin, the offices of an accountant and a lawyer were also searched, allegedly used by gang members during land and property transactions.

In Co Meath's sites, the guardian took three stolen vehicles, including a Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Hi Lux and Toyota Avensis.

The other four vehicles were seized after the tests carried out on the site showed that they marked gas oil or green diesel in their tanks.

Gardaí suspects that fuel, which is illegal for use in private vehicles, has been stolen by fuel tanks on farms.

Another car was seized since it was allegedly related to 4X4 theft in Co Cork some time ago. A small amount of ecstasy, worth about € 2,500, was also discovered and seized, as well as € 1,500 in cash.


A variety of machines, power tools and construction machines were also apprehended during raids, including a dumper, used to convert fallen layers into trees.

Serial numbers of these items have been archived. They are being examined by ballistic experts looking to find their owners.

Gardaí also took advantage of the jewelry because of the suspicion that it was the product of the crime, as well as documents and a series of electronic devices.

They were not arrested, but Garda sources said they did not expect the arrest of any suspects. They said that while there was a large volume of vehicles and stolen machines, the data discovered during the searches could be more valuable.

These data, both in hard copy format and stored on electronic devices, will be examined by detectives and financial analysts working for Cab.

The office hopes to provide information on how crime investors have been invested by the gang in property, land and other property or transferred outside the State.

Gardaí found machinery and a series of properties and underground on both Meath sites were provided with the power to be stolen from the national network.

In addition to the leadership of Cab, Tuesday's operation also included the National Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau, Stolen Automobile Vehicle Unit, Guard Dog Unit and Guard Mounted Unit.

While the detectives involved in the operation this morning carried firearms, the Regional Response Unit of the Eastern Region provided a specialized armed backing.

Customs officials of income were also involved and social assistance payments received by suspect gang members and their dependents are now being examined.

The Customs Existence Unit of the border region has joined the operation, as well as trained customs dogs to listen to money and drugs.

The staff of ESB was drafted to protect the mechanism that had been established by the gang to steal the power of the national network for a total of seven properties in the two sites of Meath.

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