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I wanted to hit the b ****** s outside the driver who attacked the car, the murder witness judges the court

Warren O & # 39; Connor
Warren O & # 39; Connor

A murder witness stated that his intention was to "overtake ab ****** s" from the driver who attacked his car, which carried his former partner and pregnant child, just a few minutes before his friend was stabbed fatally

The ex-soldier called himself as "hairy" for his actions at night but denied that his intention had been to cause serious problems.

The Central Criminal Court heard that there was a fight between two groups of men after Philip Woodcock eliminated the fuse and cut off the power of his neighbor's apartment so he could finish a noisy house party and the occupants would leave.

The trial heard that a group -including Mr. Woodcock and the deceased Warren O'Connor- later abandoned the apartment building in a Ford Focus car, which was hit by another group that drove a Honda Civic.

It is the case of an accusation that after this car was caught, Mr. Woodcock was stabbed in the shoulder by the accused Gary Watson (35). After the attack, Mr. Woodcock saw Mr. O & # 39; Connor down the floor. He had been mortally stabbed.

Mr. Woodcock (34) lived in the The Beech apartment complex, Grattan Wood in the Hole in the Wall Road in Donaghmede and was examined cross on the second day of the trial.

Gary Watson is accused of killing Warren O & # 39; Connor (24) in northern Dublin for nine years.

Mr Watson, domiciled at Millbrook Avenue, Kilburck, Dublin 13, declared himself not guilty of murdering Mr. Connor at the Hole in the Wall Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13 on January 16, 2010.

Mr. Watson also denies to attack Mr. Woodcock causing him damage on the same occasion and producing a knife to intimidate the other person in the course of a dispute.

According to the yesterday's cross-examination by Anne-Marie Lawlor SC, defending, Mr. Woodcock accepted that he had lied to the guardian when he said that a small potato knife given to his friend Jonathan Gunnery was left in Ford Focus car.

However, Mr. Woodcock said today that this was not a lie, but a false statement. "I did not remember the time and then I told the Guard when I remembered," he said.


Mr Woodcock told Mrs. Lawlor that she called the door of her neighbor's apartment to "protect herself" from an "amazing group." He agreed that no one from the group group had arrived near him but denied that his intention was to cause serious problems or damages that night.

He told Mrs. Lawlor that if he wanted to cause problems at night, he would have touched his friends "immediately" after cutting the fuse.

Mr. Woodcock denied that he was "well-used" to wear knives but he agreed to keep one under his mattress in case someone entered his house. "It's your last line of defense," he said.

The witness agreed that he told the guards that his intention was to "overcome the bollocks" of the driver of the Honda Civic car and his friends supported him at night.

However, Mr. Woodcock denied the release of blocks and bottles on the Honda Civic but told the jury what could have happened.

Mr. Woodcock denied the court he had lied to keep in his statements, but said: "I am a hairy reason why I made that night."

Mr. Woodcock gave the proof that he previously went to a garage after cutting the fuse, when his partner called him to say that the party was stronger. Woodcock then called and took four friends: Graham Hogan, Jonathan Gunnery, Richard Grant and Warren El & Connor – before returning to his apartment complex.

The trial continues before Judge Michael White and a jury of seven men and five women.

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