Wednesday , June 23 2021

Jet Airways from India cancels all international business news

The Indian airline Jet Airways canceled all its international flights stranded to thousands of passengers around the world.

The carrier had 10 more airplanes supplied with its creditors, since the company could not find alternative means of financing its operations.

The company has operated daily services to London and Manchester from Mumbai and Delhi.

About 80% of its fleet of 120 aircraft had already been seized while the company struggled to find buyers willing to purchase more than 900 million pounds sterling due to several banks.

Indian aviation minister Suresh Prabhu has confirmed that the airline has sufficient funds to operate only 6-7 airplanes until April 15.

Pilots fly a Jet Airways aircraft
Jet Airways had more than 15,000 employees a year ago

Media reports suggest that the Indian Prime Minister's office requested an urgent meeting to discuss issues with Jet Airways and its creditors.

Prime Minister Narendera Modi takes care not to have any employment negative impact on general elections currently not in the country.

Jet Airways airplanes in India
Many of the Jet Airways aircraft in India remain inactive on the ground, as fuel suppliers demand rigorous terms in their contract

Jet Airways had more than 15,000 employees a year ago.

Alana Gomez, spokeswoman for the flight comparison site said: "Although the airline is still looking for financial aid and is still announcing that it has faded, the prospects do not really seem positive, with calls to the line of Clients Do not pass, thousands of passengers were left without traveling and employees and suppliers are not paid, among other issues. "

Lenders, led by State Bank of India, is looking for investors to buy 75% of the airline until the end of Friday. Etihad Airways, headquartered in the UAE, owns 24% in the company.

The 25-year-old operator is destined to receive 217 million dollars (166 million pounds) from its lenders to maintain their current operations, but landlords have demanded many airplanes discharging and flying out of the country.

Fuel suppliers have also begun to demand rigorous conditions in their contracts, accumulating additional pressure on the Jet.

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