Thursday , January 21 2021

JK Rowling claims he was sentenced for £ 24,000 per assistant

It is alleged that Rowling's assistant spent more than £ 1,600 from the Starbucks writer's funds and £ 1,400 on luxury candles.

Harry Potter The creator JK Rowling is prosecuting his old AP for £ 24,000 ($ 43,042). To find his Harry Potter equivalent, he's one little as Peter Pettigrew betrayed his high school friends to Voldermort.

According to legal demand, Amanda Donaldson abused her access to Rowling's business card and stole a lot HPmarked merchandise. As reported by the BBC, Donaldson worked for Rowling as of February 2014 and April 2017, before being dismissed due to misconduct, claims that Donaldson denies.

To break it into one Harry Potter Analogy, it's like when … um … Hermoine, Ron and Harry steal all the hair in the Chamber of secrets for their potion of polioids, except here the alleged incorporation of another person is purely financial and non-physical. It's fine, so it is vaguely Similar, but only trying to help anyone HP Fans understand this non-HP event

According to legal documents, presumably Donaldson used Rowling's business card for personal use: when the discrepancies began to appear, she found a counter and was then dismissed. For a Harry Potter The counterpart, Gilderoy Lockheart was also fired from his job. I hope you help him!

In any case, presumably, Donaldson spent a lot of money, including £ 1,482 in luxury candles, £ 3,629 in cosmetics, £ 2,139 in a card store and £ 1,636 in Starbucks. Rowling also claims that Donaldson bought two cats, which cost £ 1,200. Cats are pets that are authorized pets in Hogwarts, the college that Harry Potter and his cousins ​​attend at Harry Potter series It is not clear if the two are related at this time.

Finally, Donaldson is accused of carrying the equivalent of £ 7,742 of foreign money from Rowling's insurance, which obviously is not as well-kept as Gringotts. Perhaps Rowling was very distracted by post-hoc adding in representation in the Harry Potter universe to warn.

The case will continue in court at the end of this year, we will continue together with more fervor than Rita Skeeter chasing a headquarters.

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