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Man (30) imprisoned for three and a half years to attack Irish Sean Cox out of Anfield

Sean Cox: Attack on a trip to Liverpool
Sean Cox: Attack on a trip to Liverpool

Simone Mastrelli, 30, was imprisoned for three and a half years by Sean Cox's assault, 53 out of Anfield before the Champions League tie between Liverpool and Rome last April.

Before, the Italian national pleaded guilty to assault compatriot Liverpool FC Sean Cox outside the Anfield stadium.

Cox (53) from Dunboyne in Co Meath suffered catastrophic head injuries in the attack before the Champions League semi-finals tie between Liverpool and AS Roma on April 24 last year.

He retrieved at the Dun Laoghaire National Rehabilitation Hospital after spending four and a half weeks at the Walton Center in Liverpool, a neurological unit specializing in brain injuries after the incident.

On Thursday, Simone Mastrelli (30) from Rome appeared in custody at Preston Crown Court and entered into a guilty statement for illegal and maliciously causing serious bodily harm to Mr. Cox.

A separate count of violent disorder was authorized to pass away in the file by the Coroner's Public Prosecutor's Office after accepting his statement not guilty to the charge.

Mr Cox's wife, Martina, was in court for the audience.

Mastrelli was extradited to the United Kingdom last month after being detained by a European arrest warrant in his country of origin.

Another gypsy fan, Filippo Lombardi (21), was eliminated from causing serious bodily injury to Mr. Cox in October, though he was jailed for three years due to violent disorder.

A third man, Daniele Sciusco, 29, from Rome, admitted violent upheaval before the party and was imprisoned for two and a half years in August 2018.

The court heard that Mr. Cox was unconscious, with only one blow from Mastrelli after he and his brother, Martin, had "sadly for pure coincidence" that they entered the path of a group of "Ultra" followers of Rome, including the accused.

The episode of the incident in Walton Breck Road, near The Albert pub, was interpreted in court and shows Mastrelli who initially faces Mr Cox with his arms.

Lombardi comes to the fore and raises a belt when Mastrelli returns back and, from the right side of Mr. Cox, he forcibly strikes it on his face.

A witness described the incident as a "sudden and unprovoked attack" and a "sickly vision."

Keith Sutton, in procession, said that Mastrelli immediately moved away when Mr. Cox was still on the floor and found that his face was in place while mixing with a group of Gypsy followers.

Mastrelli left the scene but later returned to Walton Breck Road and took steps to change his appearance by removing his covered face, hood and jacket he used. He entered the ground to see the meeting.

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