Thursday , October 28 2021

Meet the & # 39; Ninja Boy & # 39; from Japan, the prodigy that aims to stun Mayweather


Tokyo – Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, who tries to make history by defeating the boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, claims that his left hook is like a "beam of lightning" that "the world will change."

The left-handed baby boy with a blond affection, which was only a few months away from his teens, was barely known outside his country of origin before the shock announcement of his New Year's fight with the undefeated Mayweather.

But Chiba's 20-year-old boy near Tokyo is considered a prodigy in Japanese fighting circles and begins to learn Karate at the tender age of five.

Like Mayweather, he was never defeated, with a 27-0 record as a professional kickboxer with 20 victories for eliminatory. He has four wins of four in mixed martial arts.

Nasukawa won the world championship of youth karate when he was a fifth student and moved to kickboxing a year later, according to his official website.

He made his professional kickboxing debut at age 16 and became the world champion of Eastern Rule winner a year later.

RIZIN promoters said that Nasukawa – or "Ninja Boy" as they called him – would become one of Japan's most popular fighters and perhaps the best combat sports outlook that the country has ever seen. "

There are still no details about the rule of the fight, if kicks are allowed, for example – but Nasukawa said after announcing he had "a punch that boxers do not have."

"I do not care what the rules are. I want to be the man who changes history. I will do it with these fists, with one blow," said Nasukawa.

Even Mayweather acknowledged that Nasukawa was "an unbelievable talent", commending his scanty, physical "gym."

"It's very special, it's fast, it's strong. They're older now and when it comes to experimenting, have it by my side. You have youth at your side and it will bring a lot of excitement," said the 41. middle-aged American.

Nasukawa now weighs 56.8 kg and is also giving four inches tall to Mayweather, who has won world titles in five different weight classes.

"Our weight class is different, but it does not mean anything to me," Nasukawa said.

According to its official website, Nasukawa is good with his hands in other areas to drill, saying he is a knitting and sewing admirer, as well as surrendering to traditional Japanese "feel" baths.

Despite his young age, he published a biography last year entitled "Kakusei", which means "Awakening."

However, both him and Mayweather received some mockery online for the unknown code fight.

According to the sports celebrity website of the United States TMZ Sports, American rapper 50 cents said that Nasukawa looked like a "Uber driver."

And, in a bad luck in his Instagram account, mixed martial arts Irish, Conor McGregor, who lost to Mayweather in the last United States fight in August 2017, said: "It's a sweatshirt or a
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