Thursday , July 29 2021

SPI launches a new need for video detachment for the reform of the TV license fee

Screen producers in Ireland

Screen producers in Ireland

"data-medium-file ="×104.png "data-large-file =" .png "/>Screen Producers Ireland (SPI) is a member organization that promotes the growth and sustainability of the Irish audiovisual sector. are today, November 14thth, launching a video campaign and conducting an Oireachtas information session at Buswells Hotel to show the high quality programming of the Irish independent production industry, to recommend solutions for the reform of the television license fee and to emphasize that there is more the rate of TV license than just RTÉ.

The Irish independent production sector turns to the most viewed and most viewed programs in the country. From the room to improve, dancing with the stars, finding joy in the ear to the ground and many, many others; Independent producers set the standard for Irish television. Our video highlights amazing programs, talented workers and dedicated independent production companies that make these programs happen. It is a celebration of our sector.

But we are at a critical moment for the Irish independent production sector. Without the substantial reform of the old-fashioned TV license fee, the independent production industry will continue to suffer. Our message nowadays is that there are more license rights than just RTÉ. The independent sector is an integral part of the broadcasting of the public service and our first quality programming is proof.

The expense in our sector has been diminishing since 2008. The cost of RTÉ in our sector, in particular, has dropped from approximately € 80 million per year to 40 million euros in the last 10 years. This put enormous pressure on independent production companies to provide the same level of quality programming to low budgets. At a time when RTÉ and other broadcasters are under severe financial pressure and intense competition from global players, the expense in the independent production industry in cost has not increased.

There is a solution. Screen Producers Ireland recommends that the Television license fee be modified, that revenues are named as collection agents and that the increase in revenues of these measures is spent on independent productions that the nation loves to see. The promulgation of these recommendations would be a victory for our broadcasters and viewers.

It is necessary to think radically for this to happen and there is an opportunity for action. The newly appointed Minister of Communications, Richard Bruton, could establish an ambitious plan for radical reform. It can make a significant difference in the future sustainability of the independent production sector and in the best offer of public services for the payer of the TV license fee.
Elaine Geraghty, CEO – Screen Producers Ireland

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